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Windham Court: Complex


Windham Court Complex has many amenities to make living more enjoyable, fun, easier, and safer for you and your family. The entire complex has WiFi, that you can use in your suite, even enjoy poolside or at the playground.

Below are several pictures of the professionally landscaped grounds at Windham Court Suites. What can't be seen is the 24 hour maintenance to ensure Windham Court is always running at your high expectations. And, the 24 hour Courtesy Patrol, to ensure your safety and keep Windham quiet and safe.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Windham Court Suites must have the largest private swimming pool in Wichita. Featuring a 9' deep end and crystal clear, blue water. Remodeled in 2011, with glass blue waterline tile, and state of the art anti-suction safety controls.

Lawn by Pool


From our professionally landscaped and maintained areas, to our dog areas with complimentary pet waste stations. We strive to always keep Windham Court Suites a beautiful and relaxing environment.

Clubhouse Fountain


Inside the Clubhouse you'll be greeted with open Beam ceilings, natural light and a fountain. Often you'll find our freindly staff has coffee and some freshly made cookies for your enjoyment. The Clubhouse is where you'll also find the fitness Room, Sauna, and a Business Center With free Wi-Fi

Chair Lethr

Clubhouse - Business Center

The business center features, free WiFi and several locations for reading, desktop or laptop work.


Clubhouse - Gym

Located on-Site in the Clubhouse. Our Gym features many different activities from Aerobics to weight lifting to Yoga. Here you can find: Running, Cycling and Cable Machines, as well as Free Weights and more. To get a complete exercise routine in the comfort and safety of the Windham Court Suites complex.


Clubhouse - Sauna

We feature a 'Sauna L' style sauna.

Physical Advantages

During a sauna the heart rate increases and the blood vessels dilate to accommodate the increased blood flow.  Blood flow to the skin increases and heavy sweating is induced.  The nasal passages open allowing the sinuses to drain. The heat experienced in saunas can have real health benefits.  Arthritic and rheumatic patients will feel less pain and experience greater joint mobility.  This effect, though, will pass once the sauna is finished.  Athletes can benefit from a sauna before working out because the heat causes the joints and muscles to be more flexible.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Probably the biggest health benefit of saunas is the relaxation they induce.  Our modern lives are filled with stress and the accumulated affects of stress can be the root of many health problems.  Saunas are relaxing and calming and provide a great way to unwind at the end of the day.  A sauna before bed promotes deep sleep – necessary for the body to rejuvenate and recuperate.

Medical Clearance

People with health problems should consult with their doctors before using saunas but for most the sauna is safe and beneficial when taken in moderation.

*this is not an actuall picture of the sauna



Our playground features a long slide, two swings, one infant swing, and Iron Man bars to help you practice for the Olympics. It also features monkey bars, and a climbing ladder. Lots of sand for building sandcastles, a teather ball. And, best of all a bench and BBQ grill for the parents to also enjoy the beautiful Kansas days.



There's always ample parking so you can park close to your Suite and have visitors find a close parking spot to your Suite as well.


Soccer Field

Windham Court Suites installed a Soccer Field during the summer of 2009, that is a regulation size U7. Yes U7 regulation size soccer field!!



BBQ's are found throughout the Windham Court Complex. Just grab a bag of charcoal and enjoy some grillin' on those great sunny Kansas days..

* some pictures may not be actual equipment/amenties found on the complex, and are solely for representation